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Trademark means a mark, a symbol, or label used for a product or service as the following. Protection for a trademark is provided under the Trademark Act (No.2) B.E. 2543 (2000). The trademark law provides protection for 4 categories of trademarks as follows:

Trademark is a mark that is used in conjunction with goods to present that the goods is different from other goods that use other trademarks.

Service Mark is a mark that is used in conjunction with service to present that the service is different from other services provided under other marks.

Certification Mark is a mark that the owner of a product or service uses in conjunction with the product or the service to ensure quality of the product or the service.

Collective Mark is a trade mark or service mark used by a company or other associates ventures or members of an association or other organizations of public and private entities.

The attribute of trademark to be registrable must be as follows:

  1. be distinctive;
  2. not be prohibited under the Trademark Act; and
  3. not be the same as or similar to a trademark registered by another person.

The registration of a trademark shall have a term of ten years from the date of registration.



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