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Board of Investment (BOI)

Criteria for BOI approval

  • Must be a company, foundation or cooperative organised under respective laws.
  • Minimum investment size is Baht 1 million.
  • Project value added must not be less than 20% of revenue.
  • Debt-to-equity ratio must not exceed 3:1 for a newly incorporated company.
  • There must be a sufficient environmental protection system.
  • For industrial projects, the investor can be a 100% foreign-owned entity.  In the case of agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery, mining, and services under List One of the Foreign Business Act, B.E. 2542 (1999), investment must be by Thai companies.
  • Projects must be those eligible for BOI investment. Currently, there are seven categories of business activities eligible for BOI promotion – agriculture and agricultural products, mining and basic metals, light industry, automobiles and machinery, electronics industry and electrical appliances, chemicals, paper and plastics, and services and public utilities.

Rights and benefits
Non-tax incentives

  • Permission to bring foreign skilled workers/experts into Thailand.
  • Permission to own land.

Tax incentives

  • Duty exemption on the import of machinery not manufactured in Thailand.
  • Corporate income tax exemption for eight years from the date income is first derived. The amount of tax exemption is determined in proportion to the investment amount, exclusive of the cost of land and working capital.
  • Eight-year income tax exemption for activities that are of special importance and benefit to Thailand.
  • Dividends paid from net profit that is exempt from income tax under the BOI promotion are exempt from the computation of taxable income throughout the period of exemption.
  • Duty exemption on the import of raw materials used for the manufacture of export goods.


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